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Cuenca 2011 with Operation Rainbow

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the FACE OF Operation Rainbow This is why we do this. The story behind this little boy is what makes us stop for a second and hold our breath.  His name is Roberto, and in the above image he’d been waiting in line in the hospital with his mother and father for 7 hours.  With…

WordPress nav, solved: How to list child pages only for the current Parent page

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The Problem: You have a 3-tiered navigational hierarchy, like above. If you click on mainPage-a, you only want the 3 child Pages to show. But if you click to dive into Page1, you still want to show the three child Pages of mainPage-a, but also want Page1’s subpages to show, but ONLY those subpages. For…

How to Control Shutter and Aperture, and Why?

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Together, the shutter speed & aperture control the exposure of an image. But what do these two assets of image construction really do?

The same thing. They both control how much light will reach the film (or digital sensor), but they do it very differently.

Think of a water faucet filling a one gallon bucket. To achieve this, you could fill the bucket fast by opening the valve to full. Or, you could fill the bucket, drop by drop, over a long period of time by only opening the valve slightly.